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Before sound-check at a show in California, gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello frontman, Eugene Hutz, spoke with The Daily Gazette about the band’s extensive touring schedule, his experience as an immigrant and how the band thrives on fresh blood.The band is well known for their riotous shows and tireless tour schedule.Hütz learned English through his musical "mentors" because "Russian rock always had lyrics that were superb and more advanced than the original Western rock ‘n’ roll, I think.Of course, Western rock is much stronger when it comes to performance and production, but Russian songwriters were the champions of writing lyrics.Hutz, who fronts the gypsy-punk Bordello and also stars in Everything Is Illuminated, is working on Madonna's forthcoming short film, Filth & Wisdom.In addition to acting in the film, Hutz contributed to the script and will lend his music to soundtrack for the movie, which is expected to debut next year at Sundance.Oren Kaplan is suing on behalf of both himself and the rest of the group.

Here lyric video for ‘Saboteur Blues’ (track 6) flashes you already an insight in its enraged potential. – GB Nov 26 – Warsaw, PL – Klub Stodola Nov 27 – Krakow, PL – Klub Studio Nov 29 – Munich, DE – Ton Halle Nov 30 – Vienna, AT – Gasometer Dec 04 – Zurich, CH – X-Tra Dec 05 – Wiesbaden, DE – Schlachthof Dec 07 – Cologne, DE – Live Music Hall Dec 08 – Antwerp, BE – De Roma Dec 09 – Paris, FR – Le Trianon Dec 10 – Amsterdam, NL – Melkweg Dec 19 – Dublin, IE – The Academy Dublin The Immigraniada Boat show with De Votch Ka has been upgraded to a larger size!! “Every record we make is a world of its own,” said Hutz. The band is made up of a group of firebrand musicians from across the globe who just happened to cross paths in New York City.The band’s latest project was recorded in Washington D. While band members come and go, and come back again, the current lineup includes musicians from Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ukraine, The United States and Scotland.Kaplan's coincidental absence meant that he didn't get the synchronization payouts that Hütz did.Raising eyebrows however is Kaplan's suggestion that Hütz "tricked" the other members of the band into consenting to his firing.

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