Updating a table in pl sql

Using an oracle DB, 11g r2, I need to write a pl/sql which updates one column in table A where the PK exists in table B, with commits ever ~50,00 rows. 3200000 rows are involved in the update, and table A has ~70 million rows total. After the data is inserted, you will change the content of a row by using an UPDATE statement.You will use the WHERE clause of the UPDATE statement to restrict the update to a single row. The basic syntax is: INSERT, table name, column list, VALUES, and then a list of the values to be inserted.

The differences in syntax are quite dramatic compared to other database systems like MS SQL Server or My SQL. Updates based on two or more common columns are normally used for tables where multiple columns work together as a primary key (known as composite primary key).4)If you ROLLBACK the transaction before committing to the database, the data inserted to the table is also rolled back.There are two types of triggers based on the which level it is triggered.A trigger is a pl/sql block structure which is fired when a DML statements like Insert, Delete, Update is executed on a database table.A trigger is triggered automatically when an associated DML statement is executed.

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