Tinsley mortimer who is she dating

Now that Tinsley Mortimer has joined The Real Housewives of New York cast, there is immense curiosity about her personal life and her past.Needless to say, it’s her ex-husband, Topper Mortimer whose name keeps popping up.She also dated that Italian Bachelor Whatshisface and, embarrassingly enough for her, Constantine Margolis.Between her separation from Topper, an ill-advised CW reality show, , and her penchant for dating never-beens, Mortimer quickly lost her status as New York’s favorite socialite.Allegedly they are “very happy, and unlike her last boyfriend he is, “very nice!” There may be one problem though; he lives in Chicago and she’s a NYC girl.Mortimer was married to Tinsley from 2002 until 2009, before they had a very public divorce.

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People are curious to know more about him, so we have some details from Topper Mortimer’s wiki.

We know that their tumultuous relationship ended in her arrest, and she returned to NYC attempting to make a new life; however the circumstances are way different for the divorced former socialite this time around!

Throughout filming RHONY she was open and forthcoming about her past, and she clearly was not in a place to move on; or was she?

You know, blond New York socialite from the early 2000s who was famous but you weren’t really sure … But then she and Topper separated in 2009 over allegations of both parties screwing around on each other — she, salaciously enough, with a German royal, which I didn’t even know were still a thing — and they ended it officially in 2013.

So here’s her deal, only some of which the show explains: Tinsley Randolph Mortimer neé Mercer was born to a wealthy Richmond family, and “raised in the biggest home in Central Virginia.” At 18, she married her high school boyfriend and fellow tertiary Tinsley and Topper moved to New York City where she became a fixture on the party circuit and at fashion shows and in Page Six and she had her own shade of lipstick named after her by Dior and for several years there she was New York’s “It Girl,” whatever the hell that even means.

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