Speed dating team building

But if surfing and psychics aren’t your style, the survey—which compiled 25 unique ideas—also suggests that doing simple activities can also be beneficial.Some ideas include: Holding speed meetings (which might be a little like speed dating, but perhaps less stressful), asking staff to explain something about themselves using only movements, or engaging in a group songwriting session.

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We do a financial call two weeks prior to the meeting to get all of the updates done, and to provide 2 weeks of time for the board to think about the data.

And the right side of their brain, the creative part, by drawing a Picture.

This is the best starting Point for what is coming next.

Collect these “Elements of Success” on the flip chart. If people in the room know each other well, then they should find out something about that person they didn’t know before.

This exercise engages everyone and encourages positive attitudes. Have people pair up with someone they don’t know, then find a non-work or non-workshop connection with the person. What has worked for me is to give each participant a slip of paper with information on it that is relevant to the topic or participants in general.

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