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Martin works for the fictional radio station WZUP and later for local Public-access television station Channel 51.

A common theme of the series is Martin's ornery and wayward nature.

Episodes often center on Martin's inconsiderate behaviors and incessant smart mouth towards his friends, neighbors, and whoever else finds themselves in his presence.

When all is said and done, however, Martin loves his family and friends—it just takes dire situations for him to show it.

However, at home when Gina gives Martin a nice gift, he rushes out to a lingerie store before quitting time.

Martin has doubts, until he sees something that may be of value based on Gina's earlier recollections.

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The other day I was thinking about all of the black comedies that were on television when I was growing up.

Season 4, Episode 8November 5, 1995Gina (Tisha Campbell) doesn't cut it as a housewife after Martin's talk with her boss gets her fired.

Season 4, Episode 9November 19, 1995Cole (Carl Anthony Payne II) fouls out as Martin's assistant until he lands Charles Barkley as a guest on his friend's show.

To some extent, The WB was built on the backs of these shows.

The only line-ups that could contend with NBC’s Must See TV was over on FOX with .

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