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Kimberly Moffit, psychotherapist and relationship expert with online dating website Match, says Newfoundlanders' most popular words used on their dating profiles are good ones when it comes to attracting a date.©Submitted photo They may not immediately come across as the sexiest of words to include in your online dating profile, but hear Kimberly Moffit out: Newfoundlanders are making sense when they include "cabin" and "Hortons" in their attempts to attract a partner online.

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The reasons are well-documented, and range from an evolutionary attraction to fuller figures due to their child-bearing potential, to a simpler interpretation that we are naturally drawn to the aesthetic of curves, hence their pervasiveness in many aspects of design.

History has shown us that time and time again, the hourglass figure is the most sought-after trait in a prospective sexual partner.

The "game" section of Hot or Not allows users to browse the profiles of other Hot or Not users in their area and rate them with a heart—hot—or an X—not. is the most tasty market,” Andreev said in a interview with Buzz Feed.

Users can also strike up private conversations with other Hot or Not users. “Imagine you have a cake with chocolate and roses on top, this is what the U. market is.” James Hong and Jim Young, the original founders of Hot or Not, reportedly sold the site for million.

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