Gridview1 rowupdating old values

I want to calculate the products of rate and quantity and show it in Total as the textbox loses focus...i cant use textchanged because i dont want the page to postback. The 2nd dropdownlist's value is used as a parameter to determine what the 3rd dropdownlist is populated with.

Everything works fine when the row is first put into Edit mode.

Listing 4 is not a Command it means we have to instantiate it with a label as in Grid View's normal mode when each cell text of Grid View's rows is displayed in label.

if i clicked on add i need to add a row below the row where i clicked add button . database:a table a a b jhgd kljhskjd sdghdshgd jkhdjhdjk what i need is when enter some values(varchar ) in txt 1 and 2 it should be added in database and shown in gridview1 after i press butt1 any bodyknows full code answer/akdji have 2 labels (lbl Rate,lbl Total) and a textbox (txt Quantity) in a itemtemplate of a gridview. The 1st dropdownlist's value is used as a parameter to determine what the 2nd dropdownlist is populated with.

I thought the rowupdating event was the place to do that, so I wrote the following method: A couple things to note: 1) the textbox and the label are inside an Item Template. Text "1111" 'set other update parameters Sql Data Source1. Hi all I have a questions that looks hard / complex to me, and i know you can help me in this.

The textbox is visible when the gridview is in "edit mode", and the label is visible when the gridview is in "normal mode" 2) When I place a breakpoint in the rowupdating method, it looks like the values are changed as I would expect them to be. Update() End Sub Thanks, Qin, Thanks for the response. Q I hope you understand my question, all i need to do is replace the text box controls with a dropdown list when i am editing a row in ...

Its implementation in the current scenario is a little lengthy, yet it is quite easy as we have to do a similar type of job with each control; instantiate it, set its text property with is a Button then it creates three buttons for the aforementioned tasks.

It is simple to do; create a button object, set its all properties accordingly, also add the button's click event handler and finally, add it into the control collection of the control (Container) passed as an argument.

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