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In a battle between the two best teams in the Eastern Conference on Tuesday night, the Indiana Pacers beat the Miami Heat 90-84.The Heat's loss exposed their biggest weakness, but also showed why things will be different if the two teams meet in the playoffs.Durant, selected one spot behind Oden, has taken a more traditional route, establishing himself as a perennial All-Star, scoring champ, league MVP and Olympic gold medalist and is now seeking the first title of his career with his new Golden State teammates.The divergent history between Oden and Durant, which began when Oden missed his rookie season due to injury and Durant won 2008 Rookie of the Year honors, led the former Buckeye star to offer a blunt self-assessment to ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” this week.

"You can't think about that because it could make you crazy with insecurity and you need to come across as confident." All you can really do, says Steinberg, is to "keep yourself busy by enjoying the almost infinite number of ways you have an almost infinite number of women available to you." You stood a decent chance of winning over women with the mesmerizing lines and cunning “techniques” you learned in a class taught by a guy with a smallish pony tail in the basement of a copy machine repair center. So fun." Women are better educated, more financially independent, and under far less pressure to get married by, like, 23. This can induce the sort of panic that makes an apparently not insignificant number of men send that lewd Snapchat five minutes after the first date ends (though in our defense, is it ever too soon to do something you probably shouldn’t do ever? "There's an almost infinite number of ways she can meet an almost infinite number of men in three days," says Tracey Steinberg, aka, The Dateologist. Stay away from every social network on the planet until at least the third or fourth date (maybe longer). Just because you CAN communicate 19 different ways doesn't mean you have to." by our phones, but she won't be waiting.The most recent blow came on Wednesday, when the team announced Embiid will miss the remainder of the 2016-17 season with a meniscus tear that is "more pronounced" than originally believed. For all of Embiid's splendor, he'll have played in 31 out of 246 possible games by the end of this season. He played 82 times in his first three seasons, or more than twice as often as Embiid. Bowie made 101 appearances in that same time frame.With that, all the hype surrounding Embiid's emergence this season dies with a whimper. This was always the worst-case scenario for a big man who suffered his first major lower-body injury before he was even drafted. reward in the NBA, a player so talented with such a high ceiling that former GM Sam Hinkie felt compelled to flip the coin. And even Walton, who entered the NBA with foot problems like Embiid, managed 151 regular-season games during his first three years as a pro.

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