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But, it's also true that sometimes guys simply love to rag their girlfriends too. ' So use these nicknames for your girl friends and see how red they turn! Do not go overboard or you'll need some serious damage control measures, which, as you can see, is not included in this article.

For some weird reason, they love to irritate the girl they are dating and derive some sort of sadistic pleasure in seeing the harried expressions on the girl's face.

During Pansy's first flying class, which Slytherin shared with its rival house, Gryffindor, she teased Parvati Patil for defending Neville Longbottom, after Draco Malfoy threw away his Remembrall.

In spite of their silly antics that often end in torn couches or a trip to the cleaners, their endless zest for adventure is priceless.Shih Tzu (pronounced “Sheet-soo”) The plural and singular form of the name is the same.If split personality could describe a small dog breed it would be this breed—laid back, couch potato, perfectly content to nap on your lap all day OR, speed demon, happy to run at top speeds around your home or yard.Many people (especially those who aren’t pet owners themselves) will often question or dismiss the immense grief you are experiencing from losing your best friend.However, you should never feel ashamed for the amount of grief you are feeling.

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