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The more we become contemplatives in the […] The heart of Gospel life is relationship.

The gospel message of relationality, modeled after God’s own example through the Incarnation, is embodied in […] Francis of Assisi did some amazing things during his life, but it wasn’t the extraordinary things that made him a saint and still revered today.

For far too long we have looked at leaders as good parents-which has resulted in an unhealthy dependency on the part of followers.

In addition, when the good parent does not "protect" us from the unpredictability of life, we grow angry and often denigrate that same person we had previously admired.

His writings are especially poignant in the face of fearful and troubling times, not the least of which because of his own personal journey of Christian conversion that led to his speaking […] In today’s liturgy, Pope Francis preached about the need to proclaim the Gospel with “strength and courage,” not shying away from the mandate that has been given to us at baptism but announcing the good news of the Lord with enthusiasm and confidence.

The Holy Father explains: The Word of God cannot be given as […] The Pharisees came forward and began to argue with Jesus, seeking from him a sign from heaven to test him.

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