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The Gentlemen are never really fleshed out, probably intentional.What we do know is that they come to Sunnydale looking for seven hearts.The Bensons then relocated to Los Angeles, and Amber began to very quickly land roles in films and on television.

Her friend Simon, a not very successful telemarketer who is self-conscious about his body odor, has been sleeping on her couch.

As a child, Benson studied music and dance, and performed in the Birmingham Children's Ballet, as well as in local theater.

She attended high school (one of her classmates being Joey Fatone) in Orlando, Florida after her family moved there, in part to help Amber pursue acting opportunities, the most prominent of which was an unsold television series called Kids' News, in which Amber was to have been one of two main anchors.

Miller has guest starred in many television shows, including “The Shield,” “Fastlane,” “The District,” “Cold Case,” “The Division” and “Half and Half” and appeared in the films “The Other Brother” (2002), “Madea's Family Reunion” (2006), “Love...

& Other 4 Letter Words” (2007), “After School” (2008) and “My Girlfriend's Back” (2010), among others.

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