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But in some cases, the codes are a little more confusing: 1. The airport is named after the location: Harrisburg International airport is actually located in Middletown, Pennsylvania, and is known as MDT. The airport is named after a historical figure: Knoxville airport in Tennessee was built on land donated by the Tyson Family in honor of their son killed in WWI (TYS). Locations beginning with an 'N': The Navy saved all of the new 'N' codes for itself, thus Newark becomes EWR, while the Navy training airport in Pensacola, Florida is NPA. Locations beginning with W or K are only for radio stations east and west of the Mississippi, respectively. 'Z' is reserved for special uses: ZCX is the computer address of FAA's air traffic control headquarters, for example. There isn't really a need for you to remember all of these facts given that most tickets and airlines will display not only the airport code, but the name and location of your destination as well.

An airport code is named after the airport itself: Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris is CDG, John F. So Wilmington, North Carolina becomes ILM and Key West, Florida is EYW. 'Q' is designated for international telecommunications. But at least the next time you fly into Newark, you'll remember why its code is EWR.

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Some people brush off airplane codes as one of life's little mysteries.

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