Advice for dating a leo

There are many famous women who share the same sun sign. K Rowling, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Mae west and it’s a long list.

If you want to date a Leo woman then you have to keep few things in mind which are given below.

So I've recently stopped texting him, I know he will text me back when a few weeks go by, Im thinking about ignore him back like he did me .

Who’s going to take charge in this partnership, and how will that affect Leo and Leo compatibility?

What happens when zodiac royalty meets zodiac royalty?

When two Leos fall in love, who will wear the crown?

He knows I hate being ignored , at first the relationship was rocky because he ignored me alot saying he was busy which he is but that was no excuse not to say Hi .

But now he answers whenever I text , he even answered my text in the middle of a meeting at his job, which was great and I see he hits me up a little more He texted me one night while he was in his hot tub alone , I was shocked because thats highly unusual for him or anybody else to do that when they are taking leisure time for themselves.

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